Golden Age

We believe that in any form of art and expression (we think that clothing is part of this category) the awareness is the fundamental point. Awareness to clearly value the past, to understand the present and be ready to face the future.

Knowledge to be able to filter out what’s around you, because words, now more than ever, are used disconnected from their true meaning, and this deeply confuses and distorts the concepts. Words such as “authentic”, “original” and “true” are used lightly, we are far from the time where word was bond and left no room for those who do not deserve it.

Golden Age takes inspiration from those days when someone’s background was important, since the concepts were straight and not distorted for marketing reasons.”Worldwide Knowledge” is the name of this first collection, and wants to pay tribute to a time of great artistic proliferation linked to such strong thoughts that, even though we were still in the pre-internet era, it connected thousands of people in the same unique attitude.Thousands of heads with a single common code. Unwritten rules that must be respected. Even today those, who have been part of it, have a different light in their eyes.